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AIM Esports

AIM Sports Group is looking to jump into the esports world with the launch of AIM Esports during a pop-up event at the SoCalCup, a 3-day boys volleyball tournament hosted at Anaheim Convention Center on MLK weekend. 

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How might AIM Esports engage Gen Z athletes and parents to enter a preview of the AIM Esports world during the SoCalCup and in order to build anticipation/excitement for the AIM Esports lounge?

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At their core, an athlete and gamer are indistinguishable. There is a built-in community whose motivations for playing across physical or digital spaces are motivated by the desire to compete, achieve, explore, and socialize. Esports gaming at AIM is an opportunity to satisfy your competitive spirit and continue sharpening your skills even off the court.

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'Game On', a 3-day pop-up experience allows visitors to engage with 4 facets of esports gaming: Minecraft build challenges, Fortnite tournaments, VR competitions, and sponsor giveaways, all with support from a collegiate esports team, sports athlete/influencer, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and a social media promotional strategy. 

We got into the spirit by creating our own avatars — here's mine!

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