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Sports season is right around the corner — World Cup, NFL/college Football/NBA/College Basketball — and fans nationwide are eager to finally get back to in-person games, watch parties, and tailgates this year. We’ve been supporting our favorite teams from home recently, but now it’s time to get off the bench and hit the field.


 As we kickoff the sporting season, Cacique wants to reach the modern sports follower to be top of mind for all gameday snacking this year.

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How might we create an organic social campaign and blog post that puts Cacique at the top of customer’s shopping lists for gameday?

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Now is the time – we’ve been missing some of the best parts of watching sports: food, friends, and fellowship. We’re ready to get back to celebrating those physics-defying shots in person or with friends at home again. That said, we're going all out this year and seeking ways to elevate our traditional snacking and celebrations.  

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We've has been waiting for this. VAMOS! Cacique brings the authentic 'chispa' (flavor) to elevate any dish. Whether it’s in person or from your sofa with friends, we’ll make Gameday an even bigger anticipation and better experience each week.

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