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With spooky season around the corner in 2022, Coca-Cola got in the spirit by taking over USC campus with 6 vending machines with a digital trick or treating activation. During this 3 day immersive, digital drop experience, students could scan machines for a gamified, augmented reality experience  and collect digital 'treats'. These treats included physical swag, AR masks, digital art, and over 120 Coachella tickets!

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How might Coca-Cola best reach, excite, and engage USC students to partake in the digital experience across campus and throughout the duration of the activation?

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Taking advantage of built in networks, Coca-Cola can gain higher awareness and credibility with promotions through campus organizations, student groups, internal media outlets, and word of mouth. 

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Coca-Cola's Halloween Takeover utilizes USC-affiliated student groups and an organic social media strategy that allows participants to stay up to date on timing, locations, and prize availability, while providing a space for winners to share their reactions and garner cross-campus WOM.

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