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'The LA Legacy Runs Through us All'

The Coliseum Centennial

With the centennial around the corner, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum was looking for an epic way to celebrate 100 years of hosting the most significant entertainment, sporting, cultural, and military events in the world. 

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How might the LA Memorial Coliseum, take advantage of its rich, diverse history to be identified as an LA cultural landmark, modernize the legacy for new LA residents, and ensure another 100 years of history-making?

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Focusing on LA 'Native Hustlers' with high disposable incomes, the Coliseum's legacy can be associated with LA's legacy by creating prestige and tangibility for young, modern consumers who seek high-end experiences and are willing to spend on them.

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Honoring some of the most iconic moments in LA and Coliseum history, 'The Legacy' is a limited edition, thematic merch capsule covering events in sports, music, and culture. Consumers are not only learning the history, but also creating new associates to hype and prestige.

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