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Case Study: HBOMax - Grow with HBO


Today, consumers have choices. Within the increasingly competitive streaming service industry, HBO Max has a unique opportunity to differentiate itself from its top competitors.

With HBO Max expanding its offerings and value proposition with new, original series and partnering service deals, it is still essential that the platform create a customer-centric experience to increase user engagement and better the overall streaming experience — thereby fostering long-term growth of the platform through the creation of long-term relationships and value for the modern consumer.


Nostalgia has become increasingly popular since the beginning of the pandemic with 9 out of 10 people admitting to thinking fondly of the past at least occasionally (Marketing Week, 2020). ‘Fauxstalgists' —those that have warm feelings for a decade they may not have particularly lived through (Marketing Week, 2020) — are on the rise. 

In order to reach this new audience, the implementation of a multi-faceted nostalgia campaign, #GrowWithHBO, includes digital advertising and interactive, immersive in-person activations. #GrowWithHBO not only plans to retain an older millennial audience, but also target these fauxstalgists through their children and younger Gen Z.


Expanding on the current reboots, spinoffs, and revivals offerings available, #GrowWithHBO will use billboards and social media to evoke emotion from consumers with their favorite past characters brought back to life.


Partnerships with Universal Studios and TikTok will allow users to have hands-on engagement with the brand through hashtag contests on social media and in-person immersive experiences like Harry Potter World.

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Create a more engaged, loyal, and long-term customer base. In fact, this campaign hopes to make HBO Max top of mind for all consumer’s streaming needs. Whether it’s connecting with the past, fulfilling escapist fantasies, or finding comfort in streaming old favorites, #GrowWithHBO allows a consumer to accomplish all of these things and more, no matter their age.


HBO Max’s implementation of a customer-centric model is necessary in the post-pandemic era and essential for the next generation of growth for the platform. By putting consumers at the center, this campaign allows the target audience to make the choice to #GrowWithHBO.

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The modern streaming consumer is overwhelmed with service options, and they're looking for a platform where they can escape. By bringing old favorites back to life, nostalgic or 'fauxstalgic' connections can form and develop into long-term commitments.

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