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'Room for More...'

Smorgasburg LA

27 out of LA Times top 101 restaurants are Smorgasburg affiliated. 

Being the largest open air food market in the US, Smorgasburg LA looked to unify 60+ vendors with their growing social media following, while raising awareness in their role as a launchpad for small, local businesses. 

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How might Smorgasburg LA unite followers and vendors under a single voice and better publicize the crucial role the market plays in supporting small businesses to establish brick and mortar cornerstones during economic uncertainty? 

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Visitors of Smorgasburg LA are looking to uniquely define their identities through their active discovery of global flavors. We call them 'fusionists' — those who search for the intersections between different foods and cultures. They are able to embark on this journey by investing in the future of LA's food community at Smorgasburg.

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'Room for More...' is a promotional campaign that'll provide visitors with a space that fosters more expression, community, and exploration. Through a merch collaboration with Madhappy, a TikTok vendor series, and an immersive digital map, Smorgasburg can become the epicenter of delicious food and diverse community for LA's 'fusion-first' foodies.

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