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"Built for filmmakers by filmmakers"

Warner Bros. Studio


As the leader in the American film industry, Warner Bros. Studio sought a naming structure for its national studio lots that reflect spaces of imagination to attract top creative talent — and with opportunities for future growth, sustainability, and endurance. 



How might WB Studio develop a naming structure that emphasizes the studio lots function as talent-friendly spaces of creativity and imagination; while maintaining ease, functionality, and sustainability? 



Naming structures could be established based on location, movie-making magic, industry insiders, or colloquialness — ultimately the structure should emphasize each lot as a space for creative doers to make it happen. 



As one of the last full-service studios in the world, if it hasn't been created at a WB lot already, it surely can be. A naming structure that put creative talent at the forefront, emphasizing the space that has seen the best creative talent in history, and thus is a place "built for filmmakers by filmmakers".

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